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Positive effects of chair massages

As an HR manager, you want your employees to be energized and happy at work. You want them to feel fit and motivated. As a result, they perform better and there is less chance of absence and sick leave. These are just 2 of the many positive effects of regularly providing a chair massage. 

Offering chair massages to your employees is an easy and effective implementation of the vitality policy. You invest in the vitality and sustainable employability of your employees and that pays off: after all, they are the organization's most valuable asset.

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Stoelmassage op het werk

Why a chair massage?

A chair massage is a nice and easy way to work on the vitality of your employees. Energetic employees who are comfortable in their own skin ensure less absence due to illness. That absence is one of the biggest costs of an organization. In addition, there are employees in every organization who experience a high workload or even run into burnout, have problems in their personal situation or are not motivated. They are present, but less productive. Especially for these employees, a chair massage is very effective.
Increased (work) satisfaction

"At Reclassering Nederland, we value the vitality and health of our employees.

With the help of our partner Vitallife, we started working on this. Initially mainly with chair massages.

The chair massages have produced very positive reactions from our employees and have led to increased (work) satisfaction and health appreciation.

We are very happy with the cooperation with Vitallife and particularly appreciate the flexibility and proactive attitude shown in the vitality and health of our employees.

The short lines of communication and personal approach make the cooperation effective and successful."

Jody de Koning - Adviseur P&O Reclassering Nederland Noord-West
Relaxing, soothing and valuable

"Het Schadefonds uses chair massages as part of its preventive health and safety policy.

We highly value our employees, after all, they are the capital of our organization. Our employees mostly perform computer screen work. Because this can cause arm, neck and shoulder complaints, employees are given the opportunity to get a chair massage. A good 70% of our employees make use of the chair massage.

The masseuses are highly skilled and tackle the areas that need it at that moment. Various employee surveys have shown that the Vitallife chair massage is very relaxing, calming, accessible and valuable.

Het Schadefonds has been a very satisfied regular customer of Vitallife for over 8 years, and expects to be for years to come!"

Wanisha Boedjawan –  Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven 

Less sick leave, more job satisfaction

A chair massage increases productivity and fun

The employee relaxes with the chair massage. The physical and mental pressure decreases and he or she gains new energy to get back to work. Where there is energy, there is more productivity, creativity and fun. It creates a positive atmosphere and employees appreciate the personal attention. It motivates them to be more committed to the company. That results in better performance. It is a sign of being a good employer and improves the connection with your organizations. 
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werkhouding stoelmassage

A better posture at work

A chair massage is given on location and through one's clothes. The massage focuses on the upper body, particularly the neck, shoulder and back muscles. With personal attention to the employee, in about fifteen minutes the muscles are loosened and good blood circulation is stimulated. The masseur also gives tips, for example for a better posture at work. This positively stimulates the employee's own responsibility for their health and vitality.
Costs of chair massage

Schedule chair massages easily and quickly

We take as much work off your hands as possible. Massages can usually start within a few days. Your employees schedule their own chair massages in our online agenda. They can therefore decide when it is convenient for them. At the agreed time, they walk to the room, which the masseur has transformed into a massage room in no time. Vitallife arranges everything and keeps the organizational burden to a minimum. So as an HR employee, you have nothing to worry about.

We have been giving chair massages in companies in various sectors for over 15 years, taking into account the goals and wishes of each company. Our team consists of 100+ professional massage therapists. They are well trained and guaranteed to provide the best quality. We believe that is important.

One-time or recurring chair massages

Putting your employees in the spotlight or working on long-term vitality

With a chair massage you can put your employees in the spotlight for once. It is a nice way to thank them for their hard work. Unlike many other gifts, this is appreciated by almost everyone.

Do you really want to work with the vitality and sustainable employability of your employees? Then it is important to schedule chair massages on a regular basis. Your employees will be able to relax completely on a regular basis, which reduces work stress and pressure and allows beginning complaints to be treated quickly. Moreover, employees become more aware of their posture and vitality. They make more vital choices and start to feel fitter. Complaints such as RSI and burnout are less likely to occur. As an employer, you can include chair massages as a fringe benefit. Especially in this tight labor market, it is more important than ever to be a good employer. 

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from 19,99
Per massage

Duration: 15 minutes

A refreshing massage of your neck, shoulders and back

Extremely suitable to offer during various events

Minimum number of participants: 8

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het meest effectief!


from 23,50
Per massage

Duration: 20 minutes

A complete massage of the upper body & arms.

If necessary, we will briefly address your symptoms.

Minimum number of participants: 6

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from 38,50
Per massage

Duration: 30 minutes

Extensive upper body massage.

Personal attention to your specific question.

Minimum number of participants: 8

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A moment of rest during the day

"We within Osudio have maintained a loyal and satisfied relationship with Vitallife for many years. We are a full service internet agency, where screen work comprises an important part of our work. We therefore find it important to offer our employees good working conditions, and the chair massage is a highly valued part of that.

At first, it may not be obvious to everyone, but we see that even new employees, after being "taken care of" once, really appreciate the weekly massage. It is a small rest in your daily work and you always feel wonderfully relaxed afterwards.

Vitallife's service is professional, customer-friendly and flexible."

Marco Luiten- Managing Director Osudio Nederland
Walking out the door with a smile

"To put employees in the limelight for once, we organized Verwenweken at IJsselland Hospital. 

We opted for the Vitallife chair massages. What a wonderful way to get off the floor and relax.

Everyone walked out the door with a smile and we heard only positive comments; the masseurs created a nice and safe atmosphere and really knew what they were doing."

Shirley Groenendijk -Projectcoördinator Leerhuis IJsselland Ziekenhuis
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